Why Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Works

Simple Steps, Uncommon Results
Eight Powerful Pieces of Kaizen-Muse PhilosophyTM

KMCC uses empowering questions, intuitive reflections and the prescription of well-tested tools. The tools and approaches honor the creative process and the idiosyncrasies, uniqueness, resistances, and sensitivities experienced by creative individuals or any individual embarking upon creating a positive change.
Past successes, current strengths, and an on-going focus on what works,
strengthen the confidence and self-esteem vital to the creative process.
The use of guided imageries designed according to Kaizen-Muse principles are instrumental in eliciting and cultivating imagination, intuition, passionate motivation and inner wisdom. Guided imageries and other in-session creative exercises make the creativity coaching session more than a check-in involving reporting accountability; transformations happen in the moment the client is being coached.
State-of-the-art approaches that reshape the way the mind works in order to
establish lasting changes make creative living, thinking, and productivity easier. These tools are also designed to make involvement in the process comfortable, easy and desirable. The frustrations of resistance, self-sabotage, and procrastination are at last solved.
The use of play, empathy, and gentleness are believed in this model to be essential to creative progress. The approach also uses unconventional tools which shift the individual into a sphere of possibility and easily enlists long lasting commitment.
The information gathered from no progress between sessions is considered more important than framing it as failure because now the coach can target what will best help. KMCC coaches do not use a shaming approach, but one filled with acceptance and compassion.
One of the intentions of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching is to teach the client to follow inner intuitive creative clues rather than rigidly adhering to directions given by teachers and other external sources. This helps the client unlearn academic habits where success did not include following intuitive “aha” moments that take a non-linear form. Creative ingenuity is better able to flourish in a sphere without strict requirements. Often action toward one goal in the creative process can elicit new ideas..
Prescriptions are purposely creative, imaginative, playful, and often indirect to match the mystery and non-linear nature of the creative process.