What is Possible?

“Any form of human creativity is a process of doing it and getting better at it. You become a writer by writing, there is no other way. So do it, do it more, do it better. Fail. Fail better.”   Margaret Atwood

I am sitting at an art studio tour this weekend. Moments to blog and to reflect is part of today as well.

Because of the art tour, my work is spread throughout the gallery. Some of the work is on the walls, some on easels. I look around at what I have accomplished this past year and see growth in my work. More experimenting, more exploring composition and color. I see the influence of a number of artists such as Jennifer Stone, Kathie George, Karen Knutson, Catherine Hearding, Terri Wentzka. The fruits of their labor for teaching technique, composition, color with critique and informal feedback can be visually found in the work that I have completed this year. 


Along with these teacher mentors there is also much to be said for painting with an informal gathering of artists. We enjoy painting together. The energy, laughter, feedback, and inspiration from others triggers me to loosen up, not sweat the small stuff, and engage with the creative process with communal spirit. Those I have worked with know who they are and how much I value the community. The community is not only face to face but on-line as well.


Failures, there are many. As my mom said, “There is always tomorrow.” We all need to remember we don’t have to be right when we start. But it matters that we begin. That is my daily goal as I start each day, just begin. 

We all have amazing capacity to create anything, no matter how small, out of nothing. Every occupation – from painter to businessperson, teacher to chef – requires us to imagine, create, and execute ideas. And that’s exactly what has brought us this far.

Don’t take your capacity to explore, discover and create for granted.

So for today, begin. Do it, do it more, do it better. Use your capacity to create and do not worry about failure.

  • Take lots of pictures and share them
  • Teach young children to do amazing things
  • Inspire others by being inspiring
  • Learn, do, then teach
  • Cook great food and share it. 

I guess I am ready to greet visitors to the studio. 

Thanks for reading.

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