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Challenge as a Creative Influence

“Turn every challenge into a jigsaw. Before you know it, all these pieces add up to something pretty amazing.”   Peter Bray

I am not sure if every challenge I face artistically always leads to something amazing, but I do appreciate those challenges as an influence leading me to the next step.

When I retired from teaching I made a decision to spend more time working with watercolor. I had “dabbled” in watercolor on and off for many years.

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The Nature of Learning

How students learn was always fascinating to witness in the classroom. It was an engaging and motivating question when planning curriculum or problem solving a student’s lack of engagement in content. The question was a linchpin for 30+ years in the classroom.

I realized that the guiding principles for learning were as important for the classroom as for today with my own learning. I realize I need to use these principles as I continue to learn in the studio or learning in various art related endeavors such as selling work or having a website.

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Selling my work and what I learned.

The apple cider and cookies are put away. The packing material, receipt books, business cards are put away as well. My “Open” sign has been retired for the weekend. I sit in my studio and it is quiet and calm. I have time to think about “What will be next?” For right now NOT answering that question is a good thing.

As a person with an introvert preference it is good to sit here,

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Drawing in Public

I am about to head out this morning to draw at a local county fair. Drawing in public is intimidating and the question for me is “Why is it so hard to sketch in a public space?”

Personally, I think it is about showing work to strangers face-to-face. When I am working in my sketchbook my intent is that my sketchbook is a workbook. My pages can be messy with do-overs or just small bits and pieces of what I am drawing.

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Christmas Wish List

As an artist, I’m always wanting the newest watercolor paints, upgrade my brushes, new paper, and other new and shiny tools of the work. I can understand why teens want the newest iPhone.

As I thought about my Christmas Wish List I realized that there were other gifts I wanted for Christmas. I have listed some of these in this week’s blog and not particularly in any order.

  1. The Gift of Wonder: Wonder is defined as: the feeling of surprise mingled with admiration,

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