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What is Artistic Process?

I have seemingly little “down time” to think about my own artistic process. This month we are living in Florida and away from the distractions of work, family, and responsibilities of keeping a home. The hiatus has provided me time to consider this question.

When I went in search of a definition I came across the following: Artistic process is:

A succession of states, steps, stages, through which the human evolves together with artistic phenomenon,

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Nurturing Curiosity

“The wisdom begins in wonder”  Socrates

One of my artist friends talks about the importance in focusing art work to things that you care about. I add  “and things you are curious about.”

I can not think of an artist who is not driven by curiosity. Curiosity is the joy of exploration that drives learning, critical thinking and reasoning. When I use my sketchbook to capture the folds of fabric,

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