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What are you reading?

I have been “cleaning out”-a spring habit passed down to me from my mom who probably had it passed down from her mom. It is not such fun work until you see what has been accomplished and/or you stumble across things you had forgotten you had. My cleaning binge was thwarted by a book I came across in my shelves called Learning by Heart: teachings to free the creative spirit. The book was written by Sister Corita Kent and Jan Stewart.

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2300 Miles to Work

I have not posted a blog for many, many months and I return to it today because of an artist I had to write about. I think his work has kickstarted my interest in sharing amazing ways that drawing can be used for communicating and connecting.

George Butler is an artist and illustrator specializing in travel and current affairs. His drawings, are from areas in the world that focus on current affairs and conflict.

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