Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.

~ Rumi

Creative Spirit
Creative Spirit

Last week, when I was feeling sorry for myself about the new wrinkles around my eyes, the aches of arthritis, and the banged up hand from falling I heard a radio interview about aging. (Ever notice when you need something it appears?) The podcast was about aging and the person who was being interviewed made the statement, “Our bodies may age, but our spirit does not know aging.” The statement explained for me the comment I have heard friends make about looking in a mirror and seeing someone old, yet they do not feel the age that they see.

I have found myself ruminating on that statement this week and it changed my perspective. There are some things about me that will age (or fall apart!) but the most important part of me will never age and I think that is a very awesome thing.  My spirit includes my curiosity, enjoyment of solitude, appreciation for the talents of others, imagination, and persevering. The most rewarding endeavor is to build confidence for fulfilling what our spirit places in our hearts and to cultivate the wherewithal to make those desires happen. My spirit has limitations but that is what makes each of us unique and gives us our individuality.

I truly believe we are born to contribute by creating. From that undefined space between the mind and the heart comes our personal palette for creativity. We are all creators, artists – even if you have never thought of yourself in this way. We all have the gift to imagine. Each of us, as our own unique person, has our own creative journey and we must each find our own way whether it be through the visual arts, poetry, music, gardening, housekeeping, cooking, teaching, counseling, nursing and doctoring, or running a business.

During this season of spirit-I end today’s post with the following poem:

Ten Words to the Creative Spirit

Give me Grace so I walk uplifted through this day.

Give me Joy so my heart has enough and to spare for others.

Give me Peace so an angelic spirit accompanies me wherever I go.

Give me Love so darkness changes to sunshine where I am.

Give me Healing so spirit is the light of the flesh.

Give me Mercy so my free will chooses mercy.

Give me Trust so no despair can grip my soul.

Give me Power so I can speak with authority.

Give me Wisdom so I cannot be bribed by intellect.

Give me Feeling so I can vibrate your truth.

                            William Hermanns

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and time in 2017 to celebrate your unique spirit.