Pushing Forward

It has been almost a year since I left the world of work defined by a contract. Included in that document was a job description and a description of salary and benefits. I had a consistent start and stop time, consistent route to and from work, and a daily/weekly/monthly schedule of meetings, workshops, and school visits. My job, like everyone else’s job, had a checklist of duties.

I was on a great team. The collaboration, friendships, and “we are all in this together” mindset made working each day one of purpose and creative thinking. I do miss it and miss helping educators appreciate and then embrace the arts in education.

This year has been about finding a new purpose or as aptly described, “a new normal.” I have found a rhythm for working in the studio,  participating in community art events that transforms my studio into a gallery. This year I rediscovered a way to keep teaching through community education. I have found another community of artists who I see through workshops and events. We connect in person and the tools of the internet. I found ways to replace what I valued in my education career into my life today.

I will close with a Ralph Marston quote. The entire quote is lengthly so I will abbreviate with the statements that resonate with me.

“….You already made the choice to get started, so choose right now to reaffirm your commitment. Keep up the good and valuable work and get the results you desire.

This is a great day to make real progress, so make the most of it. Keep going, keep pushing forward and keep creating real, meaningful value in your world.”

So, I will get back to my “new normal” and continue to push forward.

What can you accomplish today to make a goal?

Thanks for reading.


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