Hey, maybe starting over is not such a bad idea. I am not sure how “life” got in the way of once a week blogging but it did. I kept thinking about topics. I would start to write and then never finish the writing in order to post. Hmmm, what was that all about?

Procrastination, perhaps? Procrastination is an easy way that all of us get stuck. I had tons of logical reasons why I did not blog. Each week had another logical reason that began with:

  • I am on vacation
  • I might have a better idea for a blog later
  • I need to do errands today
  • I am taking a class
  • It is too late to write
  • It is too early to write

My list was long and very very logical.

It is interesting that my lack of writing each week extended into my daily drawing practice. Drawing everyday also became a struggle. I also had equally as many logical reasons as to why I was not drawing each day for 30 minutes.

With my curiosity about my own procrastination I came across some ideas that pointed to four frequent ways that procrastination can be fueled.

  1. Waiting for perfect. Was I telling myself I needed the right amount of time, physical space, equipment, you name it-and then spend time waiting for the magic ingredients to appear? As a wise person stated “Do not let perfect become the enemy of good.”
  2. No strain, no gain. Was I telling myself that I worked best under pressure?
  3. Productive procrastination. Was I taking care of all those other things I had put off in favor of what I needed to get done?
  4. Second guessing. Was I continually questioning a decision and acting like a “waffler” so I could not move forward?

I do not regret the way I spent the time nor do I regret the experiences I had when not drawing or writing. But the above four ways that fueled my procrastination were very much a part of my thinking.

So,the blog entry is posted and the sketchbook is ready for a drawing today.

Have you ever experienced procrastination with something you enjoy? Share in comments and how you became “unstuck.”