My Story

Have I ever experienced procrastination? Have I ever been overwhelmed? Have I ever had an inner critic who made me doubt myself? Yes! To all and many other feelings I have had about being an artist that were not helpful.
Teaching adult students, I realized that besides teaching techniques and the creative
process for drawing and painting my students also benefited from informal coaching and mentoring.
My background is in arts education. I have been certified as a Cognitive Coach, trained for instructional coaching and for many years participated in “Courage to Teach” which was based on the work of Parker Palmer through the Center of Courage and Renewal. Certification to become a KMCC Creativity Coach seemed a logical next step. I have also been coached by another KMCC Creativity Coach and found the experience rich and rewarding. Creativity Coaching helped me re-imagine and renew my own myriad of passions, and act on my inspirations. I want to help you reconnect with your dreams and creative process.

My Mission Statement

My mission is to support you in fully living your purpose and your passion. I will be an engaged listener and a committed, objective partner. I will help you move to new levels of clarity and connection, joy and power in your creative life.


I wanted to let you know that starting my weekend with our coaching session led to a very productive couple of days!
Thank you again, for your support.
Jill S.
You're an excellent listener and problem solver. You are good at looking at many sides of an issue and exploring various paths forward. You are creative yourself, which provides insight into the process. And you have lots of practice helping others find their own answers.
Alina C.
You help others simplify the swirl of artistic considerations (which many artists get caught in and then can't execute a single thing) and reduce things into anageable parts, incremental steps, and long-term sustainability.
Jeremy H.