Kathy Grundei

Beginning Drawing


4 sessions: Mondays: January 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th 2020


6:30-8:30 pm


Discovery Middle School-D253 Art Room


Artists are observers who see the world around them in different ways. Learning how to draw requires first learning to “look” without preconceptions. Students will practice the instructor’s way of looking and drawing from observation and experiment with a number of drawing techniques.

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Weather Alerts = Creative Alerts

Weather Alerts = Creative Alerts

This week Minnesota has been the bullseye for another April Blizzard. Snow, wind, sleet, thunderstorms and hail have all been predicted for a three day monster storm. We all groan, head to the grocery store, fill the bird feeders and plan how the days inside might be spent. Such has become the new normal for April in Minnesota.

I love these hiatuses from my normal routine. A weather alert equals a creative alert and this latest early spring storm provided time for an opportunity to try some new collage ideas.

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Good-Bye Florida

Good-Bye Florida

I do not know where the time goes when we stay in Florida. Next week at this time we will probably be home. I just hope I can keep some of the last 8 weeks of painting practice and mental peacefulness continuing. The past weeks have been full of bliss.

Each day in Florida there is visually something new to observe. There is a yin and yang tug from the change from evergreen trees to palm trees,

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Art Connects Us

Art Connects Us

“Art helps us identify with one another and expands our notion of we—from the local to the global.”

                                                                -Olafur Eliasson


We have been in Florida for the past month. Although I am away from my studio, I still have found so many opportunities for continuing to paint, draw, and collage.

My weekly schedule includes an afternoon painting group on Tuesdays and a plein-air group on Thursday mornings.

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Making Fun

Making Fun

I usually do not make “cute” images. When everyone in grade school and on up could draw cartoons, silly people with wonky eyes and rubbery limbs, the best I could do was copy the cute image from the ad in a magazine or the inside of matchbook cover that challenged me with the question “Can you Draw?’ ( Now I have dated myself.)

I am vacationing in Florida this month and for some reason the “cute”

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