Month: March 2017

Challenge as a Creative Influence

“Turn every challenge into a jigsaw. Before you know it, all these pieces add up to something pretty amazing.”   Peter Bray

I am not sure if every challenge I face artistically always leads to something amazing, but I do appreciate those challenges as an influence leading me to the next step.

When I retired from teaching I made a decision to spend more time working with watercolor. I had “dabbled” in watercolor on and off for many years.

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Art on the Go!

I envy my artist friends who go on vacation and spend a great deal of time drawing in sketchbooks, painting, and working with mixed media while away from home. How do they do that? Since I was being flummoxed by combining vacation and work I went on-line to read what other artists think about vacationing and keeping up with their own art practices.

Ken Marchione, Painter

“To me vacation usually means the opportunity to look at or make art without interruptions or time constraints. 

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What is Artistic Process?

I have seemingly little “down time” to think about my own artistic process. This month we are living in Florida and away from the distractions of work, family, and responsibilities of keeping a home. The hiatus has provided me time to consider this question.

When I went in search of a definition I came across the following: Artistic process is:

A succession of states, steps, stages, through which the human evolves together with artistic phenomenon,

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