Month: October 2016

Art in Process

“Drawing is the backbone. It is no good having a lovely sense of light and color if there isn’t the firm foundation underneath.”       Alexander Creswell

This weekend was spent in Terri Myers Wentzka‘s studio paying attention to drawing and developing a composition for a future watercolor. It was a wonderful weekend with lots of personal attention and learning along side the other participants. Terri paints beautifully and her drawings are awesome.

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Autumn Colors

Having just spent a week-end at our lake place near Alexandria, Minnesota I was struck by the beauty of the colors that just popped into peak fall color. Why does after 60+ years of noticing fall colors I am still in awe of what nature delivers to us this time of year? Spectacular once again!

A couple of weeks ago I painting this impression of fall colors and I think the thoughts of Mary Oliver in her poem,

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Art and Craft Studio Tour Weekend

Artscape Studio and Gallery (Kathy Grundei) and Three Havens Studio and Gallery (Linda Gaugert) will be on the Alexandria Crafters and Artists Studio Tour.


November 3-5, 2016


Thursday, 4 pm-7 pm


101 Three Havens Dr. NE  Alexandria, MN 56308

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Seeing the world one drawing at a time.

“ As artists, our job is to get people to enjoy their vision, instead of just using it to get around”

I love the work of Maira Kalman. I love the ideas of Maira Kalman such as  “I walk everywhere in the city. Any city. You see everything you need to see for a lifetime. Every emotion. Every condition. Every fashion. Every glory.” She sees the world as she walks. Maira records the moments most people don’t even notice and makes them beautiful.

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Oblique Strategies


“Look closely at the most embarrassing details and amplify”  Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt-Oblique Strategies

I love when I stumble upon something I had never heard about. My latest “stumble upon” came from a blog I was reading that mentioned “Oblique Strategies.” The other amazing thing was that I was reading this blog in a creative “dry period” that I have been experiencing since the studio open house from a couple weeks ago.

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